Please find below answers to many of our frequently asked questions. If you feel there is anything we may not have covered please dont hesitate to contact us via the forms provided.

The School now has 2 departments:

  1. The Dance Department; and
  2. The Theatre Department.

Dance Department’s Musical Theatre Lessons

IDTA Musical Theatre classes (previously provided by Starburst Studios) will remain under the Dance Department and will continue to be run by Miss Emma and Miss Sara. These are 30/45 minute lessons are designed for our students who want to learn to dance in the main, but require a performance element to be included in their dance training, to ensure they are gaining a well-rounded dance education with a performance element. After all performance is a vital skill required for all dancers.

Theatre Department Lessons

The Theatre Department will be run by Aaron. This course will combine the 3 disciplines of singing, acting and basic dance. This is a rounded performer’s course. The 3 disciplines must be taken together and cannot be separated. The Theatre Department will NOT teach the technique and discipline of dance, it will simply provide general overview of dance.

NB/ Those Theatre students who wish to have a professional career in the Musical Theatre industry, wish to teach or wish to go on to study at a full time Performing Arts College will be expected to have excellent dance technique. Therefore it is recommended that all Theatre Department students take up a number of lessons with the Dance Department to ensure that they have the level of technique required to progress further and to get as much out of the Theatre lessons as possible.

Effectively, all we have done is change our school name to ‘The Studio’. Therefore Starburst students will see no changes in their dance lessons or in the way they are run.

All our dancers from Starburst Studios will automatically be registered with The Studio and will automatically be a member of our Dance Department.  Miss Emma and Miss Sara will still manage the day to day running of the Dance Department and the teachers of the lessons will remain as they were at Starburst. Classes and Exams for dance students will continue as normal.

However, we request that you make yourself familiar with the new school rules. In particular the new invoicing/ payment terms and holiday rules contained within the Welcome Pack.

Please telephone or email us and we will happily tell you what availability we have.

Please complete the registration form on your first day. We do need the consent form signed by a parent or guardian to show you have read and accept the school’s terms and conditions before classes commence.

Please see the section ‘Invoicing/Payment Terms’ on page 10 of the Welcome pack (pdf available via email on request)

No, we advise new students to come along in something that is easy to move around in. e.g. t-shirt and leggings with bare feet. We require all students to be in uniform by the start of their third week.

Participation in competitions is optional. Competition work will only usually be done with a child upon a parent’s request or a parent may be approached by a teacher should a student show particular promise.  Extra weekly tuition will be required if you wish to compete in competitions and we suggest you speak to one of our Directors to discuss this further, as specific classes are recommended.

The Dance Department hosts a large bi-annual show at a local professional theatre. In previous years this has been held at The Met, Bury.

The Theatre Department will host an annual show at a local professional theatre and in addition various presentation days which will be held at The Studios premises.

The Dance Department students will take exams, in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Musical Theatre. Children here pursue exams, once out of the baby classes e.g. when they are about 5/6. We follow the IDTA graded exams which are now government recognised on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The initial decision whether a child is thought ready for their exam is always made by the teacher entering them and is not dependent on time in that particular class or whether their friend is taking their exam. Children all progress at their own rates and it should not be thought of as a competition. Children will be expected to attend extra exam lessons in addition to their normal classes leading up to their exam, these lessons are compulsory and we reserve the right to withdraw the child from the exam if they have not attended enough extra lessons even if this means the parent losing their exam fee.