Our Lessons

Ballet & Tap

The art of ballet promotes grace and elegance, through movement. Ballet provides the foundations to all genres of dance, this allows pupils to develop the required technique and discipline, whilst the training improves posture, co-ordination, and self confidence. Tap dance promotes musicality, whilst developing rhythmical awareness. The syllabus is centered around encouraging pupils to explore a variety of different styles of tap to produce a versatile stylish performer. We train pupils using the IDTA syllabus from 2 1/2 through to advanced performers.


Musical Theatre

Musical theatre covers a wide spectrum of subjects including singing, dance, and acting.

With the demands in the performing arts industry today it is important that a performer has experienced preparation in as many aspects of theatre as possible.

Everyone has something to offer musical theatre, as it cries out for characters and individuals.


Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz instills core strength and stamina, whilst working on co-ordination and musicality. This is a key element for those hoping to progress on to the professional stage.

Modern Jazz covers a diverse range of exciting genres and teaches pupils to express the music through different styles, e.g. ballet contemporary, Greek, and street dance and explores different countries and cultures.